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Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 28

Getting to read such amazing content every week is such an honor. It also makes picking the top articles that much harder! Without further ado, here are my top 3 articles of the week:

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Did your favorite author make the top 3 this week? Let us know in the comments!

Lessons from the Love and Lemons Food Blog by Keira Charles

If you’re starting a food blog, try looking at successful food bloggers to see what you should do. Today we’ll be looking at Love and Lemons, the food blog of Jeanine D’Onofrio.

In her third installment of her “Lessons From” series, Keira analyzes the Love and Lemons food blog. Keira highlights the best parts of Love and Lemons from the way it’s written to its variety and organization. To learn all about this food blog, give her article a read!

10 Interesting WordPress Facts You Should Know by Stefan Bojkovski

WordPress Facts

WordPress is the best and most used open-source platform for website creation. Besides some background about this exceptional platform, this article has 10 interesting facts every WordPress user should know.

Stefan is new to our Aroono pack! His article, like the title suggests, is full of cool information about WordPress. Did you know WordPress has over 50,000 plugins available? Check out his article for even more exceptional tidbits about WordPress.

Attract Viewers to Your Blog With Vlogs by Courtney Moore

Video has become a big player in online blogging. With vlogs taking over YouTube, it’s an excellent idea to incorporate a few in your blog. Here’s how you can incorporate vlogs in your next blog post.

Courtney’s article is an excellent example of something you can do to break up your usual blog routine. This is especially useful if you feel you’re in a rut with your content. Adding a vlog is a perfect way to experiment with a new platform and make your blog have even more of a personal touch.

The top 3 article choices are always the hardest to make. Blog Aroono is full of talented writers, so I encourage you to explore around and give each one a read. The Blog pack produces incredible work and unique insight on so many topics!

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