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Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 21

This week was excellent for our blog writers. We got to publish some amazing content! It was hard to narrow down this week’s picks, but here they are: my top blog articles of this week.

Blog Aroono had some wonderful content this week!
Blog Aroono had some wonderful content this week!

Before we get into anything, happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father-figures out there. Have a wonderful day!

Formatting Your Weekly Newsletter for Your Viewers by Courtney Moore

Courtney offers some excellent advice in this follow-up article about newsletters. Originally, she told us how important it is to have a newsletter for your blog. Now she’s given some expert advice on how to make sure it really stands out against other newsletters. Give it a read for some design tips and tricks!

How to Get a Dozen Blog Posts From One Idea by Keira Charles

This article is full of fantastic information for keeping a steady stream of content. Blogs need a regular posting schedule, but sometimes it’s hard to keep creative juices flowing. Keira gives some insight into the best ways to make sure you never run out of material you enjoy writing about.

3 Reasons Your Blog Needs an Ultimate Guide List by Marina DelGreco

Blog editor Marina looks at why having an “ultimate guide list” on your blog will benefit you in the long run. She gives an in-depth look at three key reasons an “ultimate guide list” is perfect for any blog. Give the article a read to find out more!

It’s always difficult to pick out the top three articles each week because our writers are so talented! Give the rest of Blog Aroono a read to get to know the writing styles of each author and the excellent insight they share. I love reading all our articles and I know you will too.

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