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Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 14

Hi everyone, I’m Marina! I’m the new editor of Blog Aroono. We had an exceptional week with all of our recent articles, so this was a tough call. I’m excited to announce my top 3 article picks from last week!

Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 14
Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 14
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

6 Reasons Why Blogging Makes a Great Hobby by Caitlyn Kithcart

If you’re looking for a new hobby to take up, consider giving blogging a try. Here are 6 reasons a blogging hobby is a fantastic idea.

Caitlyn is a blogging machine! In her article she makes an excellent case for taking up blogging. As both a hobby and career, blogging is an excellent way to express yourself and improve your writing skills. Check out her article to learn more!

The Psychology of Fonts and Colors in Blogging by Keira Charles

Having trouble getting clicks on your blog? The secret may lie in getting the little details right. Here’s how to use fonts and colors to improve the appeal of your blog.

Keira uses her knowledge of psychology to give some insider tips about the impact of colors and fonts on the human psyche. The important information in this article will help you format your blog with the best colors and fonts. Give it a read and see if your blog fits the image you’re trying to portray!

4 Ways to Correctly Cite Sources in Your Blog by Courtney Moore

Give your blog some credibility and get your information directly from the source. Using trusted sources and citing your information will prove that you know what you’re blogging about.

Courtney is back at it again this week with an excellent article. Lots of blog topics focus on opinion, but what about the ones where you need facts to back up your argument? Courtney provides us with useful tips and tricks to correctly cite your sources within your post without being clunky or out of place.

Which one of these articles was your favorite? How about last week?

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